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Vision tests are important to ensure that you always have the best vision you can have. Through the tests, the optician can determine if you need aids to see the best possible, and if so, which aids (such as glasses or contact lenses) will work best for you.


In addition, a thorough vision test can also detect changes in the eye, which can be warnings for certain diseases such as diabetes.



What happens on a vision test? 
The optician will start by talking to you about how you experience your vision today. If you have vision problems, it is important to map out which situations you find challenging.

Using various devices and tests, the optician then examines how well you see with the right and left eyes separately, and how well you see with them together. In addition, both the outer eye (cornea and eyelid) and the inner eye (lens and retina) are examined using a hand-held microscope or stand on a stand with a chin rest.

In some cases, the optician will too

  • measure the pressure on the eye

  • test color vision

  • check field of view

  • photograph retinas


When all measurements and examinations have been done, you will get a thorough explanation of what the optician has found. You will also receive advice with possible solutions so that you can see the best possible. This can be glasses, contact lenses or other treatment.

Sigmund Gregersen 

Responsible Optician

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dneye skanner øye  øyeskanning


The fingerprints of your eyes - measured with DNEye®

Our DNEye® scanner fully and very accurately measures the major and minor refractive errors in the eye for your distance and nearsightedness, while also taking into account your pupil size. Far more data is collected than usual, so that you can utilize 100% of your personal vision potential. 

Thanks to DNEye® in combination with a subjective vision test, you will simply see sharper and with more contrasts, something you especially notice at dusk. The best comfort and compatibility make the viewing experience perfect.  

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