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Maintenance of glasses and sunglasses

Take care of your glasses. You extend the life of the glasses and give yourself a better vision experience.





  • Breathe on the spectacle lenses so that it "drips" and then sand both the back and the front with a clean spectacle cloth. Feel free to use circular motions.


  • If the lenses are greasy or dirty, spray a little spectacle spray on a clean cleaning cloth and sand the lenses with circular motions on both sides.


  • You may want to use wet wipes intended for glasses. (Make sure the wet wipes are not dry!)


  • If you have sand or similar on your glasses: Rinse them gently in lukewarm water. Do not use soap or hot water, this may damage the lenses and dry out the spectacle frame. Then wipe the glasses with a clean cleaning cloth.


  • If you have glasses or sunglasses without a frame around the glasses, hold the edge of each glass while you polish it.


  • It is important to have clean cleaning cloths, remember to wash them when they get dirty. Most spectacle cloths can be washed at 30 °

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Avoid scratches in the glass

  • Never put your glasses away with the glass facing down.

  • Never leave the glasses loose in bags, bags or the like.

  • Keep the glasses in a case when not in use.

  • Avoid sand etc.

  • Always use a clean microfiber cleaning cloth intended for glasses. Never use your clothes, paper, etc. to polish your glasses with.

Other good maintenance advice

  • Avoid putting the glasses on your head, as this can widen them - hair products can also damage the lenses.

  • Take the glasses off and on with both hands.

  • Do not expose the glasses to temperatures above 60 ° C (sauna, lying in the sun or on the dashboard in the car, etc.).

  • Avoid falling asleep with your glasses on, sitting down or stepping on the glasses.

  • If you have bathed in a pool with chlorine, we recommend rinsing the glasses well with clean water. Chlorine can dry out and damage the glasses.


Remember that you can always visit us to get deep cleaning of your glasses, adjust them or get tightened screws etc.

If your glasses have become dull or "white" over time, we can clean and polish them, so that they regain the shine as when they were new.


We perform spectacle repairs in our workshop that are not usually done in optical stores.


Contact us if you have questions related to maintenance, repairs or polishing.

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