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Contact lenses

With us you will find a large selection of different types of lenses, contact us so we can help you find or customize lenses that suit your wishes and needs.

Press the button below to get an overview and prices of lenses we carry:

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Ordering contact lenses

With us, you have three different ways to order lenses:


1) With a subscription in Linseboksen where you get one month of consumption automatically sent directly home every month

2) Directly through our store or;

3) In the online store ( click here to register ). 

At our online store, lens prices are adjusted every 3 months according to current market prices in other stores and online. This way, you are always guaranteed to pay the right price for your lenses.


NB: if you register through our optician, you get an extra 5% discount on your purchases.

Meni care linseveske
Lens agents

Get the most out of your lenses by choosing the right cleaning fluid.  

Hylo-care hylo-gel hylo-comod
Care / treatment

Care products / treatment for dry / sore / watery eyes

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